We like our wood stove which is in the first floor of our Ranch house . When we use it during the day, lots of cold air squeeze in continuously from somewhere. We have two chimneys and five flues, two for wood stoves (first floor and basement), two for fire place (first floor and basement), one for basement oil burner but now we switched to gas and that flue is not in use anymore.

I tested, the cold air or fresh air for our wood stove comes from the fireplace. i am thinking cut a fresh air intake hole from the side wall and let the cold air pass through the sump pump basin, which has no water inside whole year round, within a flexible pipe. The flexible pipe cycled within the sump pump basin acts as a heat exchanger and cold air temperature should be higher after this exchanger.

Condensation will occure for warmer air in the summer. I can stop use it this way during the summer.

is this a good idea?