I currently have a State 510E propane fired Hw heater. The date on
S it is 1991 and i purchased the house in 1996. Within the past couple of years i noticed soot around the burner area and the flame seems to have more yellow tips than it should. I have maintained the WH regularly....three times a year i drain and flush out and also pull the burner assembly and clean. Every couple years pull the vent baffle and clean.
I think it is time to replace the WH and am considering a direct vent or a power vent...i dont know the pros and cons of these type heaters.
I wont be using the atmospheric vent.....it snakes its way through the house to the roof( i have a ranch style house with a dutch style roof).
The new heater will be either a Bradford White or an AO Smith 50 gal. quick recovery.