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Thread: Thermostat location

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    Default Thermostat location

    Just curious at to what the general consensus is for thermostat location. I've got an old boiler baseboard hot water system. Thermostat is currently in the living room/family room. The problem that I think I'm running in to is that with the lights and TV (42" flat screen) and everyone in the room, there is a lot of additional heat in the room. Would I be better off moving it away from these heat sources?

    I recently picked up a cen tech infrared thermometer from Harbor Freight and have been playing with it non-stop trying to figure out all my cold spots, etc. The bedrooms run about 5-8 degrees cooler than the living room. Turn the TV and lights off in the living room, and everything equals out. Just makes for a cold climb into bed at night.

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    You've answered your own question. Putting the thermostat near a heat source, or having heat sources in some rooms, not others will always unbalance the system leading to hot & cold rooms.

    If you want a warm climb into bed, get an electric blanket (or a lazy dog. :-) ) Moving the thermostat to a different location will likely make the living/family rooms extra-warm when fully occupied.

    The alternative is to micro-zone the system, which can lead to short cycling and lower efficiency with old massive boilers unless you swap out the fin-tube baseboard for something with much higher water volume, or use a buffer tank as a hydraulic separator, plumbing it primary/secondary. (It becomes a real hydronic design problem.)

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