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Thread: please help

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    Unhappy please help

    I have a major problem and I will try to explain, the best way that I can.I have a high rancher or bi level house its about 16 yrs old.It has septic ,drain fileds and sub pumps the whole 9 yards.I have this tank or hole in my back yard that has some time of sub pump in it.It has a float like in a tiolet bowl then when the water rises it flushes it down to some place that we dont know.Now the problem is its been filling up with water and backing into the bottom level of the house comming out the tiolet.EXACTLY is it. ,we are afraid to either turn off the water to the tiolet or cap it for fear it will come up into some other place in the house.There is a family room and 2 bedrooms down there..i have had about 25 plumbers here and noone knows what it is.I am very desperate.I have 2 other bathrooms on thehigher level of the house that do not drain off into that area where the pumps are out back. only the one downstairs.Now when i use the dishwasher on the higher level it also drains off into there we see suds,waste etc.We dont know where it exactly runs into. in the back of the house. The drain field is in the front of the house.When it rains the box where the pumps are,fills up with what we assume is ground water not in the hole but around the ground perimter.I wish I had a picture to show u what the HOLE is.I am desperate and out thousandssssss of dollars from people ripping me off and not getting answers we dont know what else to do can you please try to help me or tellme something.or what I should dothank you.
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    Most of us here are into wells and pumps and filtration. You might have better moving this thread to the plumbing forum.




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