I just removed the pressure switch and nipple from my well system to check for obstructions because the system would hesitate a few seconds when it cycled. After looking for obstructions, none were found, I put everything back together without incident and changed the whole house sediment filter. After that, I turned the breaker back on first and then the switch...nothing happened. All of the contacts in the pressure switch are closed(touching). After I drained the tank, the pressure was 37-38 PSI. It remains att 37-38 PSI. The gauge next to the pressure switch reads 0 PSI.

This is my setup:

Well depth ~360 feet
Well age 21 years
Gould submersible pump with 3/4 HP 230 volt motor (10 years old)
40/60 Square D pressure switch (new May 2011)
20 gallon WellSaver tank (~4 years old)
Sediment filter

Where did I go wrong? I've read through several threads and couldn't find anything similar to my problem. All help, suggestions and advice is appreciated.