I'm replacing my 2HP submersible pump/motor/control box with a 1HP for a geothermal HVAC system, in order to reduce power consumption (1/2 the HP, but also 1/2 the pressure - I'll have to use a booster pump for irrigation now...)

Anyway, the Grundfos motor / pump-end only has a corresponding 1HP control box with a start capacitor - They (Grundfos) don't make a box that has start and run caps until 1.5 HP. I've been told that start / run boxes are more efficient.

Since the entire point of changing out my pump is to reduce energy use, should I use a Franklin control box with the Grundfos motor (Franklin does make a 1HP 2-capacitor control box, but I don't know if it would be wise to "mix and match" motors and control boxes) or should I just go with the simple start-capacitor-only Grundfos 1HP control box?

My pump motor use averages over 350 hours / month over the last 2 years, so run time is pretty significant.

Thanks for any help with this.