I recently had a new well drilled due to the extremely hard/high iron water coming from my old well. Old well had ph 6.2, hardness 30gpg, TOT iron 50 mg/l (yes 50 not 5.0) , Manganese >2.0 chlorides >400. Old well had 20 feet of casing and was 240 feet deep. I opted for trying a new well due to my softening system was unable to keep up with the levels of iron in old well and replacement system would be approx. $7,000 . New well has 82 feet of casing and is 425 feet deep. Original water sample from driller was iron free. After sitting for 4 days the new well's water was retested with the and is greatly improved in comparison to the old well but iron is at 3.5 (ph is 7.02, Magn. .78, hardness 283). I am considering decommissioning old well in case if could be contaminating new well. The wells are about 75 feet apart. Is it worth the cost to decommision my old well? Are the chances that it is impacting the new well's water quality slim? Should i just go with a softener system instead of spendiing more money to decommission the old well when I may likely end up needing a new softener anyhow?