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Thread: Proper fitting needed, toilet sits ontop of stack, short distance to septic

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    Default Proper fitting needed, toilet sits ontop of stack, short distance to septic

    OK, I thought I had this figured out but I wanted some guidance just incase. This house is from the '50s and had a bunch of things wrong with it, so I am redoing most everything in the house. My question is about the proper fitting required to connect the toilet to the stack. The toilet sits directly ontop of the stack. I also need to install (2) 22.5 degree offsets in this line because the toilet was too close to the wall. There is a short distance for just one fitting here and I have (will have) lines draining from both sides into this septic hang in my basement. I Thought it was ok to use a wye here, since there was one before.

    I thought it may be ok to use a double wye here for the new install but not sure if I should use that, or a sanitary cross. On the right side of the wye I will be draining the sink and the shower. The shower will be 2" drain and will be wet vented through the sink about 5' away. the left side of the wye I need a kitchen sink and laundry to drain into. I had planned to run 3" down the length of the wall and pick up the kitchen and laundry there. I (think) I know how to tie that stuff in. If that won't work, I think I could also use the left side of the wye and cap it for a cleanout and use the existing cleanout and turn it to pickup the kitchen and laundry.

    I was thinking the vent couldn't be "flat" so i didn't think I could use a sanitary cross, but I am not sure.

    These pics show before with the cast iron and some pvc there just to give me some ideas. THanks

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