I will explain my problem, I have a shallow well with 3/4 inch pipe running down from the pump. The inlet has a pvc check valve i just bought and put on running to a brand new utilitech 1/2 horse shallow well jet pump. Now when i cut the pump on the primer slowly bubbles out the prime hole but after the pump loses prime it will not pump any water from the ground? Now if i got and work the lever to my pitcher pump it forces water threw the inlet of my house pump and into the tank, but if i stop moving the lever then the water won't come through the inlet anymore and the pump will not pump by itself?? some people tell me that it could of been a bad foot valve but i'm not sure? I'm wondering if the water flows through the inlet into the pump and out to the tank, how could any of the valves be bad then? Its always had this set-up with a 1/2 horse pump but i'm still questioning if it needs a stronger pump?