Hey guys,
I just got my water softener and water filtration system installed (about 1month now). everything has been going well and there is a big difference on how the water feels on the skin, very silky/smooth.

I poured about 3 bags of blue bag salt that's sold at Lowes, but didnt pour any water in there. The company that installed it (recommended by Home Depot) didnt say I had to pour water but now I look online and people say I should. Is this something I should do? Can I do it now even though I have the salt at level 5? What's the point of pouring water in the salt?
Sorry for the dumb question but I'm really new to it.

The other thing i've noticed is that my toilets (I have 1 downstairs and 2 upstairs), are getting not a brown ring but more like a little brown stain where the water sits all day. This is happening to only 2 of the toilets, the 3rd one is fully clear. I was curious on what's causing this? Is the products I bought, not working or are they faulty? I'm kinda worried

http://www.ecodynewatertreatment.com/ws/whes40.asp - water softner
http://www.ecodynewatertreatment.com/cwfs/ - central water filtration system