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Thread: Pump short cycles

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    Default Pump short cycles...Update

    Thought I would post an update on my short cycling problem; I replaced the old AVC-45 with the Sears AVC which is a clear plastic bowl with a check-ball valve in it. I opened the drain on the tank and after a while I removed the old AVC. Apparently the tank was almost completely waterlogged and took a while to empty out. I installed the new AVC and turned on the pump and it came up to pressure in just a few minutes and now cycles just fine. The only thing I noticed about my installation is that the pump outlet is a little higher than the input to the tank, i.e. it pumps "downhill". I was concerned that I might lose prime but that didn't happen.

    Thanks again to the guys who replied on this thread, and thanks to Terry Love for maintaining such a useful forum.

    John F.
    Needville, TX

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    Glad you got it going.

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