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Thread: Kohler Bathtub Faucet Installation

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    Default Kohler Bathtub Faucet Installation

    Hello...I am in the process of installing a Kohler bathtub faucet. The installation provides 2 install methods: "Slip-fit" and "Threaded". I need to install the threaded version. The faucet comes from the factory set up as "slip-fit". There are no instructions on how to convert or remove the slip-fit innards of the faucet to make it ready for threaded installation. Is it easy? (as I do not want to force to remove the plastic slip-fit innards and damage the faucet)
    Thanks Steve

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    Give us the model number of the tub/shower valve and/or the part number of the spout, so we can look at the details.

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    The ONLY combination slipfit/threaded valves I have ever seen, including Kohler, have "MALE" threads on the connections that you screw "female" adapters to, and WHY do you HAVE to use the threaded option? What is the valve model, because I am unsure what you mean by "plastic slip fit innards", unless this is a do-it-yourself model I have not encountered so far.
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    Here is my link to the instructions.

    Most of the Kohler K-304 valves let you slip copper into the body, which can be soldered in place, or you would use FA on the threads.

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