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Thread: Question Regarding Mental Health

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    Default Question Regarding Mental Health

    I have been married for 2 years now, one daughter, and working at insurance company. Things are not that easy these days I thought it would be after married. I can not concentrate on work or my married life.

    First I want a long break which I can never get from work
    Second I am tired of married life, but not like I am quitting.
    Third, My wife is not that much of a taker these days.

    Can you any suggest what should I do?
    Frank Cy.

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    What were you googling? Try a mental health site.

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    Frank...Get a grip!
    You have brought a beautiful young child into the world. Children are god's miracle. You owe her a loving family. Work on it. And by the way, you are totally off your rocker if you thought a bunch of USA plumbers were going to fix your marriage! Try DoctorDrew.com

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