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Thread: Rotate exhaust vent on new propane boiler install?

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    Default Rotate exhaust vent on new propane boiler install?


    I just had a new propane boiler installed which is working well, but I have one question/concern about the install.

    Attached is a photo of the exhaust vent. It is oriented horizontally, so the warm air blows out sideways. I have two concerns about this.

    One, it is somewhat noisy (like a hair dryer) and this seems to broadcast the noise across the property and can be heard from quite a distance, potentially annoying neighbors (though houses are fairly far apart here).

    Two, some of that warm air is being blown against the siding of the house, which I noticed this morning is warm and wet (even though it is dry and very cold outside).

    My first thought is, what about rotating the cap on this exhaust so it is vertical? The air would then blow upward toward the sky and downward toward the ground. Would there be a problem with this orientation?

    Are there other ways to resolve this, possibly by adding a bend or other configuration to the exhaust pipe?

    I will of course be asking the installer these same questions, but wanted to consult the expertise here on the boards.

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