Looking at a TT Prestige Excellence 110 Boiler with integral 14 gal indirect fired tank.

The cold water temp here is about 70 degrees, so, the unit's capacity would exceed 5 GPM under some conditions.

Has anyone installed this unit for Domestic Hot Water use.

The site is a 3 BR home (2 elderly residents) with measured flow rates shown in units of Gallons per Minute.

MB Shower - 0.91 (new low flow head installed)
MB North Sink - 1.20
Kitchen Sink - 1.76
West BR Tub - 4.29
West BR Shower - 0.94 (new low flow head installed)
West BR Sink - 1.30
East BR Tub - 4.29
East BR Shower - 0.93 (new low flow head installed)
East BR Sink - 1.29

Our actual usage is minimal: about 2 showers per day, bathtubs not in use, front loading washer.