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View Poll Results: How should we treat the brand ROMEX®

17. You may not vote on this poll
  • Star out and censor the word, problem solved!

    10 58.82%
  • Have moderators add the ® sign

    1 5.88%
  • Ignore the entire issue. Do other manufacturers do this?

    5 29.41%
  • Tell posters how to add the ® o they can use it with Romex®, Disposal®, Fernco® and the other trade names

    1 5.88%
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Thread: Use of registered names like ROMEX® on this forum, this is a poll

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwelectric View Post
    I have not recieved a notification from Terry so what should I do???????????????®

    Well is the Terry Love Forum® decide to do about the word “romex®”

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    I see there was a late entry to the poll, the "Tell posters how to add the ®..." was added after many had already voted. Now matter how simple you make it, it will be too complex for some folk. One forum I participate on added symbols to their list of smilies but then assume people can master the add smiley button...

    If the word R O M E X were added to the list of blocked words, would not it still be blocked if the ® was appended?

    Even if the ® was appended, there is still their demand to "state on your message board that ROMEX® is a registered trademark of Southwire Company" which I'm sure they want to be displayed on every page the registered trade name is used.

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    quote; Most people that ask questions here would not know what you mean if you said nmb instead of romex

    They are the ones the Romex company is trying to reach. If they want Romex, buy it, if they want some other nonmetallic covered wire ask for that.
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