Recently I bought a GE water softener from Home Depot to replace an old/failed water softener. I read the installation manual ahead of time so I could buy the appropriate parts to hook it up. When I told the workers at HD what I needed they said they didn't sell those parts. I thought it odd they sold a WS that there was no way to hook up.

The WS has a 1" plastic hook up (male) for both incoming and outgoing water. I needed to tie that into my 3/4" copper pipes. After three workers struggled for about 20 minutes to find a solution, I finally ended up with:

* 1" female to 3/4" female galv
* 3/4" male to 3/4" male galv
* 3/4" female to 3/4" Sharkbite

I'm a noob, but I don't think you want to be hooking galv to copper - contrary to what the employee said (he said I'd be ok, so long as it was cold water - I don't believe this to be true).

I'd like to order plastic parts that mimic the setup above, and, if possible hook to a copper fitting of some sort.

Can someone tell me what parts I need (I searched a site selling PVC parts, but am not sure of the nomenclature of what I need)? And, if you know of a site selling said parts, that would be great too.