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Thread: Brown Constuction Paper --- Builders Paper

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    You installed it the wrong way around! You need to make sure that Ram Board logo is right side up in any pictures. LOL

    What did you cover?

    Ramboard is water resistant so make sure your not trapping moisture under there. If you can don't tape the seems of Ram Board when using it over fresh tile.

    Often we will lift it up at the end of the day.

    Over hardwood floors and such no problem unless it is a glue down.


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    It went over a fresh tile job but the tile has had time to breath and cure for a good 2 weeks. It's been grouted with Epoxy, so the only breathing edges it had prior to the protection is the edges at most...

    The logos on my Ram Board state that while it's water resister, it's also Vapour Permeable which in theory, infers it can be laid over *green* mud unless I am misreading it.

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