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Thread: TERRY...what is going on in WASHINGTON STATE

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    Cool TERRY...what is going on in WASHINGTON STATE


    Terry, what is this all about anyway a plumber up in your area
    is putting all these guys on his hit list.....????

    I stumbled onto this site and its all about crooked plumbers
    but they seem to be all located in the Seattle washington area...

    I thought it was odd that no other parts of the country were included
    in this hissing fit......no other plumbers in the USA are even mentioned

    so I am wondering what is going on up in Seattle,
    is it like a boom town , wild west thing??
    everyone claiming to be a plumber and screwing anything
    that walks.??.......

    and how many of these losers do you know of????

    This plumber must be very pissed off up in Seattle
    just to set up a .org web site to get even with a few of these boys
    and its a pretty well done site too...

    so I wonde if this fellow got mad becasue of all the hacks on
    craigs list or he lost out on a big job to some un-liscensed hack

    they say that revenge is a dish best served cold.

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