Building a house and new to much of this. We've learned that we may need a water softener. I have memories of helping my father fill our softener with salt as a kid. And of him spending a lot of time getting it to "cycle" and recharge correctly. I can deal with that. My biggest concern is where I would put the darn thing. We really didn't plan sufficient space for a large tank. I don't really want it out in my garage.

I've done some research - much of it here. Thanks for this informative site. I know that the magnetic stuff is probably snake oil - or at least so controversial that I don't want to go that route. I read about reverse osmosis. At times it is discussed as though it is an alternative to a regular softener with a tank. Most often people refer to it in ADDITION to a regular softener. One other concern I have regarding RO is waste water. From what I read the amount of waste water FAR exceeds the amount of usable water with these household systems. I fear that could overwhelm our septic system.

FYI - it is a 4K foot home with 4 baths. Just the wife and I much of the time - but family stay periodically.

Any advice would be appreciated. I'm sure this is not a new problem, but I've not found a good discussion of the alternatives so far. Is there a practical tankless solution?