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Thread: problem with boiler

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    Default problem with boiler

    I was hoping to get some help on an issue I'm having with my boiler. The boiler appears to be working in some capacity, as the radiators are warm to the touch and we have plenty of hot water.

    However, the boiler isn't really cranking out the heat, and so while the thermostat is set to 68, my house is staying in the 61-64 range. At first I thought it was an issue with the electronic thermostat I installed this year, as I tried turning up a different thermostat for another part of the house, and the boiler kicked on. However, the boiler only stayed on for about 10 minutes and then turned off. It seems like if the air temp is below the setting the boiler should stay on, right?

    So if you have a boiler that only comes on intermintenly, what do you think the most likely problem would be? An issue with the thermostat or wiring? Or maybe the boiler needs a tune-up or something adjusted?


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    Have you read the manual yet? Check the temperature setting on the boiler (as instructed by the manual).

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    Most likely not tstat because you proved the switch. When tstat called for heat the boiler turned on. Prob with boilers is that there are mult parts functioning. Tstat could be fine but how bout the zone valves. whats the press/temp guage read. you need to know water press when boiler is cold and whats the pressure and temp when it shuts off. When the burners shutoff does the circ pump still run(some of the pumps need to be oiled), the aquastat is the boiler temp control which has removeable cover, with a dial indicator telling you the high limit for burner shutdown and when temp drops 20-30 degrees below that number the burners should come on. check aquastat( has a probe that sits in and senses water. So might need to be cleaned or replaced.) and your circulator pump( if it does not move the water heated by boiler, it will trip out on limit till it cools enough and start all over again.

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    Unless you have outdoor re-set or boiler temp modulation, all you need to do is take a look at the temp gauge when the system is calling for heat. The boiler should be running between 160 - 200 degrees depending on what the high limit and it's differential are set at. If the burner is short cycling and the boiler is not coming up to temperature there is a very good chance that the thermostat's heat anticipator is not set properly.
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