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Thread: How to determine which is faulty? CB or Pump?

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    Default How to determine which is faulty? CB or Pump?

    Wife called today to say we have no water pressure, so when I got home from work, I checked the pressure valve as it has been known to attract ants and dirty the contacts. No problem there today. I checked the AC at the control box and I'm reading clean 230V. If I turn off the breaker and wait a few minutes and then turn it back on, I see the meter run for just a second or so and then it shuts off. The pump never turns on. I can only presume that this few seconds is charging the capacitor for start, but I could be wrong.

    The control box is the familiar Franklin Electric 208 108 49, and I can only presume that the submersible pump is a 1HP .75 kw 3-wire. Unfortunately, I inherited this setup from my father and he has since passed, so I have nothing to go on.

    So, I could very easily replace the control box and keep my fingers crossed, but is there a chance that the motor is gone? I'm sure its over 15 years old. How could I determine where the problem is exactly?

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    Default That's what good neighbors are for!

    I no sooner finished my first post when I got a call from my neighbor asking if I had any luck with the well and when I told him what I thought the problem was, he quickly chimed in saying he had a spare (though only 1/2 hp) control box available, so we quickly swapped mine out and bing! I'm back in business. I'll be going out tomorrow to find a more suitable box, but for the time being... Yahoo!

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    There really isnít a more suitable box. The control boxes match the horsepower of your pump. You can use a larger hp box on a smaller hp motor, but it does not improve the service life. Follow this link for more control box information and troubleshooting.

    FE Sub Manual

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    Sorry, I guess I wasn't clear enough. The motor is most likely a 1HP motor, since the faulty control box was a 1HP, and as you said, there really was no need to put a more "powerful" control box in in the first place. And since all I had last night was a 1/2 HP box, I've really overrated that box now.


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