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Thread: Rheem 04EAUSR. Igniter doesn't glow.

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    You forgot to tell us the full model number starts with letters...possibly RGPH04?

    The install manual is 48 pages and has troubleshooting hints. Do you have that?

    If it is a RGPH...there are actually 25 different ignition systems used...including different control boards.
    I checked a few at the internet suppliers. You are up around $200 for a board. I am pretty sure a supply house in town would NOT sell it to you. A service contractor will get it for wholesale, but will have to mark it up to you...possibly closer to $300, depending on what kind of mood he is in!

    Against my better judgement...if you will provide the complete serial number,and of course the model number if it is not RGPH, I will give you the part number for the board and other ignition components. The build version is described, or " decoded" , in the serial number.
    I do recommend you get the install booklet and read it over.

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    I appreciate it. The model number starts with RGDG.

    Serial: DF5D302F069602895
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rickcusaf View Post
    I appreciate it. The model number starts with RGDG.

    Serial: DF5D302F069602895
    The DF indicates Honeywell VR8205H with United Technologies 1012-920 with remote sensor.
    The Rheem part number for the integrated ignition/blower board is 62-24044-81
    The igniter is 62-22868-93
    Flame sensor is 62-23543-01

    I strongly urge you to install a carbon monoxide alarm, and a gas leak alarm , if you do not already have those. This is a fairly complicated machine, and the consequences of screwing it up are severe.

    You would be better served to put some logs in your fireplace, or use some portable electric heaters, until you can have this checked out by someone who is skilled in repairing these.

    On line, it looks like around $300 for the board, $30 for the igniter, $10 for the flame sensor.

    I should add....for this type of system, the system ground is critical to operation of the flame sensor. You could check for good ground connection at the wall plug, solid plug, look for loose ground wires or screws in the unit.
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