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Thread: Triangle Tube Prestige Boiler Problems, Solutions & Question

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    We had a Prestige Solo 60 boiler installed with a new hydronic system. It seemed to be working OK, but when the weather got cold, it would display an error (I think error code 02 or 03) which meant that the boiler had tried the ignition sequence 5 times and was in a lockout mode. Hitting the resent button would always make it work again, but eventually the same thing would happen. We were resetting 2 or 3 times a day, so we called our installer. He contacted Triangle Tube and it turns out they had some bad controller units (the "brains" of the boiler, I think) have this issue. They sent a part out for free in a few days, and upon install, it hasn't had that issue again (knock wood). Hooray!

    As a side note, our system uses an indirect DHW tank heated by this boiler, and uses a separate temperature sensor (instead of the one built into the tank) wired to the boiler. When the boiler brain was replaced, factory settings did not include the one telling the boiler to use this sensor (the installer forgot this). The result was that we had heat, but no hot water. It took a day for us to notice, because there was hot water in the tank. I called the installer, and since I save manuals, we were able to figure out the cause after a little communication, and he coached me through making a change in the boiler settings to use the separate DHW temperature sensor. Restarted the boiler and badda-boom, badda-bing -- hot water. Hooray!

    The boiler (I believe) occasionally make single "thud" nose. Quiter than a "boom". I thought this might go away when the new brain/controller was installed, but it remains. I am a little concerned about this. Could the noise be delayed combustion -- happening in the (PVC!) exhaust pipe? Any other ideas folks?
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