Recently I had a concrete channel cut that terminates right at the inlet to my sewage ejector pit. The channel is to add a drain for a bathroom group.

After the concrete removal, I noticed my sewage ejector pump was running 1-2 times per day, even though all fixtures (even the furnace) are turned off and therefore no wastewater was getting into the pit.

Today I took the cover off. On a side note, it has 10 bolt holes, is 26" wide (the pit is 24) and has a a hole for the 2" waste pipe and a hole for the cord. The pit has a side vent. I am trying to figure out the brad of the pit, and have been unable to identify it.

Anyway, today I removed the cover, added enough water to cycle the pump, then when the water was a its lowest, I unplugged the pump, vacuumed the pit until all water was gone, and confirmed that I have a leak - I'm thinking at the entry of the pipe into the pit, bt I can't be sure. If it is this, how do I correct it?

My plan was to remove the pipe beneath the check valve from the pump, and pull the pump to id the brand and size (we're upgrading fixtures, so I wanted to confirm that it was a 1/2 hp pump). I closed the valve (red handle that was parallel to the pipe) then tried to unscrew the bottom section of pipe. It turned only slightly - maybe 1/8 of a turn?

When I figured that I couldn't pull the pump, I re-opened the red valve, filled the pit with enough water to cause the pump to turn on, and noticed that... the pump runs, but does not discharge any water - and there is also no slam from the check valve (presumably because no water is getting up)

Is there anything anyone can suggest that this might be? I can't stop the slow but inevitable flow of groundwater into the pit, so I need the pump to...pump. Reaching in and lifting the float turns the pump on, but no water flows upward.