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Thread: Toto Vespin II --> perform as well with unifit adapter as a standard 10 inch toilet?

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    Default Toto Vespin II --> perform as well with unifit adapter as a standard 10 inch toilet?

    Firstly, a big thank you to all who post on this forum. The information has been invaluable as we have gone through with a very long remodeling process. One of the bigger benefits was reading through the install of the Drake toilet that was posted....my contractor was having issues because on two of my Drake IIs, we were having leaks between the tank and the bowl and the detail about using the special pair of pliers is what seems to have finally solved this...so Thanks.

    Ok, now to my current question. Although I was told to order all 12 inch roughs for the three toilets being replaced, it was just discovered that the master bathroom toilet will require a 10 inch rough. That being said, it really put a wrench in my plans of installing what I hope to be (now after the leak stopped) the tried and true Drake IIs. Through my research, I found out about the option of using the unifit adapter from Toto. At the same time, I have been reading through the many posts on this forum that included comments on the unifit adapter...since many of these date back to 2007-2009, I wanted to ask if some of the statements/concerns still hold true:

    1. Do the toilets that use the unifit function just as well as those that are made with a 10 inch rough?
    2. Is there any loss in efficiency or power of flush? In other words, are there more clogs or other problems due to the unifit?
    3. One of the issues out there was the fact that a dripping noise could be heard with those toilets that use the unifit adapter and that Toto had recognized this and were apparently working on a new version of the adapter. The theory put forth on the forum was that since porcelain dampened sound better than plastic...this dripping sound was heard since the unifit is plastic.....SOOOO...did they ever come out with a new version of the unfit adapter and is the dripping problem solved?
    Dripping noise:
    The Unifit Adapter has been redesigned and it's now perfectly quiet. I have the new version in the main bath, and it's silent. posted by Terry Love June 16th 2012
    4. Since I know that I am "stuck" with having to get a toilet with a 10 inch rough...is the Vespin II the best choice? Are there others that people have found worked better? What my concern is that I do NOT want to have to think about my toilet once installed...I just want it to work with no issues...so while looks are nice...I am not about form over function here.
    5. While my initial experience with the Toto was somewhat dimmed due to the leaking that had occurred...all signs from my research still seem to say Toto is the best out there...but again, none of this went into now the specific application that I need...therefore, are there other brands I should consider...I think Kohler is out since there just seems to be too many people dissing them. The other one I saw that had a 10 inch rough was American Standard Cadet line. Does anyone have any thoughts?
    6. Again this is the master bathroom we are talking about...so if anywhere there should be no problems...it should be there...I hope...so any and all feedback is GREATLY appreciated.

    Thank you so much!

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