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Thread: American Standard Cadet Flushmate debugging advice sought...

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    Default American Standard Cadet Flushmate debugging advice sought...

    I have two PA AS toilets (2 piece) that I just installed replacing some gravity feeders. One works fine, the other will not empty, and doesn't seem to have as much air/umph in the stream as the working one. I checked the basics (water pressure etc) and went through the trouble shooting in the repair guide - cleaned and checked the screen on the intake, checked the duckbill valve, checked for leaks etc.

    The only thing that looks potentially awry is when I remove the tank and look at the connection, the two small holes that carry the water down to the bowl seem to have some stuff left over from the casting and are not as open as I would expect (I'd equate it to clogged arteries...). Could this be the cause?

    Thanks in advance for any help...


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    Without a picture it's hard to say.

    Did the working toilet look better?

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    Default Picture...

    Since the other one worked, I never really looked.

    I'll see if I can take a picture that will show the opening. In the meantime, since I'm just a homeowner who wants to go to the bathroom and get his wife off of his back, I reinstalled the old gravity toilet! I really like the way the PA toilets work and may try to give it another go...

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    If the openings that deliver the water from the Flushmate to the bowl are partially obstructed it could definitely affect the fixture's performance. Sometimes the tank-to-bowl gasket (thick spongy one) can obstruct one or both of the openings. If this isn't the case, the easiest way to determine the cause of the problem (Flushmate or fixture) is to swap the two china tanks (with the Flushmate inside) from one to the other.

    For example, if fixture 'A' works well and fixture 'B' is problematic, remove the china tank (with Flushmate inside) from fixture 'A' and mount it on fixture 'B', and vice-versa. If fixture 'B' doesn't perform as well as fixture 'A' previously did, the problem can be attributed to the bowl. Conversely, if you mount the Flushmate from fixture 'B' on fixture 'A' and observe diminshed performance on fixture 'A', the problem can most likely be attributed to the Flushmate.

    Good luck.


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