I have a 1/2 hp deep-well jet pump hooked up to a bladder tank. The pump was set to cut on at around 30 psi but fails to cut off. The pressure will not climb above 55 psi.

I adjusted the pressure switch down so it cuts in at 25 psi and it will drop out at about 45 psi, but there is little pressure in the house. There is an in-line water filter installed in the system discharge, and has about a 10 pound differential across it. I have a pressure gage directly on the pump discharge (reads 60 psi) and a pressure gage on the inlet side of the filter (reads 60 psi) and a gage on the outlet side to monitor the differential across it. The pump pressure switch is down stream of the filter and the downstream pressure gage is located below it so I can see what the output through the filter is. This is the gage that drops from 55 to 30 psi and reads what the pressure switch sees.

The bladder tank pressure was reading 51 psi so I bled the pressure down from the pressure tank and had water blow out of the valve. If I tap the pressure switch it will drop out. It is a new switch, only a couple months old. The bladder tank was put in in 1995 and the pump replaced in 2008.

Any ideas?