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Thread: Toilet research - Tank height

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    Default Toilet research - Tank height


    I am working on renovating the master bathroom and the guest bathroom in our city apartment. Both are small spaces. Our water pressure is about 35-40 PSI. I read some of the posts on this forum and I am impressed with the knowledge and supportive attitude of the members. I would very much appreciate your feedback.

    I heard that the performance of high profile tanks is better than those with low profile. Is this true? If so would you say that if design wise I prefer low profile I am sacrificing performance? Specifically I am comparing the TOTO Ultimate or Ultramax with the Supreme and the Carlyle with the Carolina. Does anyone have experience with those?

    Thank you very much, Ami

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    A higher water level, whether in a one-piece or two-piece model, provides higher head pressure, which means greater flushing power. However, all of the major improvements in low-flow toilet design: the direct-fed jet, the extra hump in the trapway, and the 3-inch flapper, were originally designed by Toto to bring the performance of their low-profile models up to that of the higher profile ones. Those improvements work so well that they have now been designed into the the higher profile models including two-piece models, not only by Toto, but by most other manufacturers as well. The result is that, while the MaP performance of a low-profile Toto is not as good as a higher-profile model, it still exceeds the standard for bulk media flushing.
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    The Toto Ultimate held the water lower in the tank, and used a slower closing flapper to dial out it's 1.6 gallons.
    The TOTO Ultrmax raised the water level and had a quck closing flapper, that allowed for a quicker flush and maintaing the 1.6 gallons on the flush.
    In the last few years, things have been tuned up a bit, and now many of the models are working at 1.28 gallons. Part of this is getting the bowl to finish filling just at the tank completes it's topping off.
    A nice aftermarket valve for this, MaxPerformance by Korky, also alows adjustment of the bowl refill after a flush.

    Gernerally speaking, the taller tanks have a little more performance then the lower tanks.
    Carlyle and Ultramax are similar
    Supreme and Carolina are similar

    And anything 500 grams or better on the testing is very good. That's just part of what we as homeowners are looking at.

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