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quote; When was the last time You called an inspector after replacing a Wall Outlet or light switch ?Last week

Really? That repair must have been really expensive since you had to obtain a permit, and the cost would have been charged to the customer, and some inspectors want the contractor on the job when they do the inspection, which adds more to the bill. Sounds like you changed a $105 job into a $200.00 one.
The total bid for changing out all the devices was $$$. The inspections assured that the homeowner’s insurance requirements were fulfilled and there would be no questions should something go wrong a couple of years down the road.

It also insured that should he decide to sell there is a record of the work done in the house through the inspection department and no hidden secrets for a home inspector to find.

Everything was done to the requirements set forth by the Licensing Board and the DOI as outlined in the laws set forth by North Carolina.

The bottom line is; the cost of the permit is nothing more than insurance for the insurance company. It assures that the work was done in a code compliant manner and there is no danger imposed by the work that was done.