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Thread: Leaking Toto Toilet

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    I purchased a house in March equipped with Toto toilets w/ the Unifit rough in adapter. We have a problem currently where when we use an upstairs shower, water leaks from underneath the downstairs toilet. We are still working to try and find the source of the problem. The last plumber I called suggested it was a septic field problem and I haven't been able to get anyone to look at it yet. My questions regard what to do once the cause of the water backup is solved.

    Is there a wax ring between the unifit adapter and the waste pipe? If water has come back through it, does this mean the seal has been compromised and it should be replaced? Also, there appears to be a gasket at the top of the unifit adapter, where it meets the toilet. Should that also be replaced (and can it be purchased without the adapater? Any help would be appreciated.


    Mike Yarger

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    Two things going on here: for the water to back up, there must be a clog in the line below the toilet - that needs to be addressed as they only get worse with time; second, even if there were a clog, unless the water is rising in the toilet and overflowing the bowl, it is probably the seal between the unifit adapter and the flange. Yes, you set the unifit adapter with a standard wax or waxless ring. The rubber gasket that seals the toilet to the unifit adapter probably is replaceable, but shouldn't be necessary unless it was damaged. You'd not normally notice anything if there wasn't a clog somewhere. My unprofessional opinion.
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    If by using the shower and the toilet seal leaks, you have a "house" drain problem.
    The water is backing up to first floor level.
    Whatever is lowest will leak.

    The drainage problem should be fixed, most likely by snaking the lines.

    If the seal is leaking on the toilet, which is common when a "mainline" backs up, it can be replaced.

    The Unifit adapter, like jadnashua mentioned, can use either wax or the waxless seals.
    The rubber seal at the top of the adapter should be fine.
    Most Toto dealers have extra 12" unifit adapters on hand.
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    Is your upstairs shower directly above the leaking toilet?

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    We are working to get the actual water problem identified. Two plumbers I called thought it was related to the septic tank/field and the septic people I called thought it was related to a clog in the main drain from the house to the septic. We are going to have the line snaked first and see if that fixes it. Once the source problem (the clog or septic or whatever) is fixed, I think we'll just keep an eye on the toilet to make sure it doesn't leak and then address replacing gaskets/seals then.

    Cass, the shower is directly above the toilet.

    Thanks for your help.



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