Just got my Toto Promenade installed and it has one tiny issue:
The closet flange is on top of the tile (flush, not warped or spaced) and is pretty wide as closet flanges go. It sticks out a good 1/2" or more outside of the closet bolts. It is probably original to the house, 1978 or so.

I got it shimmed level, but basically the lip of the base is sitting on shims all the way around. that seems like a good recipe for cracking a toilet over time. Gaps range from around 1/8" to 1/4".

So now I'm considering all options:

1) Replace. I can relocate this toilet to the upstairs bath -- I know that flanges is flush with the tile because I tiled that one myself about a year ago. Is there a better choice that will fit around a surface mount closet flange?

2) Rubber gaske. I could try this product for around $30: http://www.blackswanmfg.com/BIGFOOTII.htm Does this work well in these situations?

3) Just use my shims and caulk them into place

4) Rework. Redoing the closet flange and tile would be a last resort. We have a major kitchen remodel on and I just don't have the time.

Any advice on this? Thanks.