I have a 24yr old (!) Bradford White atmospheric vent tank (propane) that is ready for replacement. It's been a great unit.

Since it sits in a small laundry room with a gas dryer, I'm thinking a direct vent unit makes more sense. Less potential issues with back drafting, and potential FVIR issues with lint from the dryer.

Bradford White has been good to me, but it looks like their direct vent units are not approved for a vertical vent, only horizontal. Any suggestions?

I'm not interested in a powered vent unit - too noisy and more things to go wrong. Tankless are too expensive and more maintenance than I think they're worth.

Another question: the current tank's 6" top vent does not go out straight upwards thru the roof. It has 2 45 degree bends to offset the vent about 1 foot, then goes straight up thru the roof. I'd prefer not to move the hole in the roof for the new direct vent unit. Assuming I could find someone who makes a direct vent approved for vertical venting, does anyone make a direct vent unit that allows the vent out the top to be bent in such a manner? (for the ~1 foot offset)

I'm not excited about drilling a hole in the exterior wall for a horizontal vent either, but I could if needed... but prefer to reuse the existing hole in the roof.