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    Default varible speed

    Hey just joined. I have a close friend that can't resolove a problem so I said I would try and help him. This question my be way out of line and if it is just tell me.

    He has a RBI scroll saw Mod 220VS (stands for 22 inch throat and varible speed) there is the problem, the variable speed part. The company RBI has gone out of business. He has went to all the forums on scroll saws and has found out he is one of many, many people that has had theirs go down too. The varible speed worked sporaticly and then just quit. Bypassed the varible part and motor runs great. To fix the varible part it wouls cost over 300 bucks, but now we found out there is a chip on the varible speed that can't be found, so we are search for any other way. I have a grinder and it has a varible speed and it's not a dc motor, so I know there are controler out there it seems.

    The motor is 1/6 hp 3 amp and has a capacitor on the motor.

    Question can a varible speed controler be bought for this motor?

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