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    Hi, I currently have a 4" casing buried 4' in the ground with a well seal on it with an 1 1/4" and 1" pipe going through a well seal. I have a 2 stage flint & walling jet pump in my basement. I have to replace the slowly leaking foot valve in my well. I guess at this time it would be a good time to extend my casing and possibly put a pitless adaptor in, and a 4" submersible pump. I thought I'd use a merrill 4" pitless connector model APC4 to extend my casing , but this is where I have some questions. I'd like to bring up 6" PVC pipe out of the ground. Do I use some type of threaded adaptor from the 4" threads on the merrill pitless connector that would allow me to go to a 6" pipe? If the frost line allows me do I put the pitless adaptor on the 6"riser pipe or below the the pitless connector. Or should I go to a 5" riser? Do I go with 4" submersible or 3"? I know this should be done with a well driller, however money is extremely tight. Thanks for your help.
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