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Thread: Basement framing proximity to floor drain

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    Question Basement framing proximity to floor drain

    For the 2x4 framing in a basement, can new walls be placed within inches of the basement floor drain? If so, should any sort of a seal be placed between the finished area and the drain to prevent a backed-up drain from causing damage? Obviously that would also prevent water from the finished side from reaching the drain, but how else would the risk of damage from a backed-up drain be minimized? Thanks!

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    If your drain backs up, you are going to run into trouble no matter what you do. If you have a reason to be concerned, like an overburdened sewer system, you might want to install a check valve on the line. A local municipality recommends this to all homeowners in a low lying area serviced by 100 year old sewers.

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    Thanks finnegan. Both the house and subdivision are fairly new (< 5 years) so I don't have any specific reason to expect flooding. Just wanting to cover all bases and consider worst-case before finishing the basement.


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