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Thread: Dorli Rainey becomes unlikely face of the Occupy movement

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    Default Dorli Rainey becomes unlikely face of the Occupy movement

    I'm pretty sure that the Dorli Rainey in the new now, was my real estate agent when I was building homes.
    I met here while I was developing four lots in the Crossroads area of Bellevue. Her some backed up to my property.
    How fun to see her in the news, she was always full of fire.


    The occupy movement is gaining traction with people. Especially those that are worried about how they are being handled by the banks. When I was in the air this week, reading articles on the plane, I was reading about South Dakota and how much of the credit card business has moved there because the State of South Dakota now allows the banks to charge much higher interest rates. Like somehow this was a good thing for consumers?
    Remember when credit card interest was 12% and not 27.9%
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