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Thread: Purchasing Decisions: Cascading Tub Filler, Thermostatic for Shower

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    Default Purchasing Decisions: Cascading Tub Filler, Thermostatic for Shower

    Must order now, and don't know if I am getting not enough or too much.

    I have 3/4" pipe everywhere. I want low-noise plumbing.

    1. Tub filler: an Erogation Filler, which sends water out the overflow. Avoids having a spout in the way. Have been 'sold' a 10 liter/min (approx 2.5 gal/min), made by Franni of Italy. Two handles in the wall, a mixer I guess.

    2. Shower: Grohe Freehander, which should do sufficient duty to avoid having to install body jets. To keep options open for later, am getting a 3/4" Thermostatic (19gallons/min) and one volume control.

    Does this kind of tub filler (through the overflow) run slow and noisy, or fast and less noisy?

    Is a 3/4 thermo better than a Divertor?

    Please comment. Thank you!

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