Hi all, another newbie joins with a (probably common?) question. We've taken the decision to buy a water softening system to feed the whole (except garden water pipes). Water is very hard (we're based in southern Switzerland) and I've heard the number "50" mentioned as a hardness level (target is apparently 7 if that tells you what I'm referring to).

We've come across 2 systems here - one is the Culligan system and we've been recommended the "Medallist" system. The other is also a salt/resin based system but is apparently "new technology" and is run by water pressure with two tubes so one can regenerate while the other supplies softened water (duplex). It's a much smaller unit (although about the same price) and claims to be much more efficient (it can be found at www.biowater.fr if the system is not clear by my description).

I (we) would really appreciate knowing - is there any "best" in this area or are they pretty much equal? Why does the second one not have a draining facility like the Culligan system? - seems to me that when you wash resin through, certain elements need to be removed, no?

Any comments / helpful suggestions etc. welcome - we currently have our annual "ideal home exhibition" on here at the moment and there are quite big discounts available on these kinds of things so we're going to take advantage

Thanks and Regards,