Hi there - my long-time plumber just left after spending 7 hours removing my old 55 year old Crane Sunnyday boiler, and replacing it with a Slant Fin Sentinel gas boiler.
He's installed alot of these, but when he fired it up to get it running, it made a horrible rattling noise, kind of like an old car with a bad knock....sounded like a metal fan with the blades banging into something. He says he's never seen this before, and since he's not a gas expert, he's going to send his gas guy over tomorrow. I was willing to just call the company under warranty, but I guess my plumber wants to be sure there isn't some quirk with my gaslines or something. I'm worried this will end up being a really expensive situation, so I was hoping someone here might have an idea what could cause a knocking noise in a brand-new Sentinel?? We've been without heat for a week now, and the only reason my old Crane died was because my knuckleheaded gas utility company broke the starter.... I miss my old boiler Never gave us a day of trouble..... help? Thank you!