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Thread: Shower to tub conversion?

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    Default Shower to tub conversion?

    I need to convert a 4'x3' upstairs shower to a bathtub that my wife can soak in - but that I can still shower in. The shower is in the corner of a small bathroom formed by a tiled wall shared with the bedroom forming a corner with a tiled exterior wall. A 3' glass shower wall and 4' of sliding glass doors set on the pan complete the shower. The water comes through the center of the 3' of tiled wall shared with the bedroom. There's an additional 6" of space outside the shower on the opposite side, between the glass and the side of the toilet tank. The drain is in the center. Are there 50" bathtubs out there or do I have to frame in a couple of low walls and tile the whole thing? I was planning on just tearing out and replacing the old tile and pan but then I was hit with this request. I could sure use some ideas!

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    There are plenty of 48" tubs, such as this one from Kohler :http://www.us.kohler.com/onlinecatal...0&retail=false
    The drains will usually left or right, but when you take out the shower, that can be dealt with. You will not get by without quite a bit of demo of exisiting walls, etc.

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    Unless your wife is 4' tall, I would never consider any tub shorter than 60" for a soaking tub. Even a 60" falls short in many regards.

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    Normally, and 48" tub is going to be quite deep, i.e., 24" +/-, which is not always conducive to a good shower receptor.
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    Have you tried an internet search for "shower tubs".

    On some sites like MAXX bath they have feature to search for length and width

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