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Thread: How to choose a water softener?

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    Default How to choose a water softener?

    We just had a new well installed and are considering getting a water softener now. The well driller said we have low iron content and a hardness of 21. We are getting some brown or cloudy water first thing in the morning but the well driller said
    that should go away in about 3 months.

    We never had a softener with our old point well and this well is only about 10' to 15' deeper and about 15' away from where are original well was. Water seems to taste the same and the only reason I am considering a softener is because of lime
    build up on faucets and shower glass which we also had with old well.

    What do I need to look for in a softener and what is the most economical and efficient? Would a water test tell use what we need?

    We have 2 to 4 people in the house.
    Low Iron and mineral content
    hardness of 21


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    I'll first recommend that you stay away from box store brands because although they are relatively inexpensive they tend not to last too long either. I sell and install Clack and Fleck valve heads because they are proven and reliable and parts are available should you need them. You can buy Fleck from online dealers, Clack you can not or you can see if there is a local company that can service your needs though culligan and Kinetico salesmen will try and talk you into their expensive proprietary stuff which is good stuff but it's expensive and has to be serviced and installed by them.
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