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Thread: The value of a # 2 pencil

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cookie View Post
    Now, for all of you, lucky enough to have your health, and your loved ones with you, be grateful. I lost my health at age 44, and my husband, when he was 49.
    Hi Cookie, you had a rough night last night. Nobody can do anything to bring him back. I hope today is better for you, but I understand what you said about the Holidays now.
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    it is NOVEMBER 14. When the kids say "What's with the tree?", they mean why is up before Thanksgiving. DO you work at Target and use their holdiay schedule?
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    Thanks Bob, about understanding, I don't like the holidays anymore. But, I do it for the kids and now, my grandson.

    My red blood counts and platelets are low, how low? low, it got flagged on the tests. So, when they get this low, it is incredible how drinking red wine helps. It truly is amazing. But, for anyone reading this or has my kind of problem don't do it and drive. Or work the computer, LOL...

    Unfortunately, for me, it is not just a glass or 2 that helps. But, it is crazy, because lately, all, I mean, all my bones have been hurting very badly. Because of my hemolytic anemia, the red blood cells do not get a chance to mature, breaking in the marrow of my bones. Hence, the reason for the problem. They break when they first start to develop, so, they don't even get a chance. The bruising has been awful. My type of blood with the antibody, is only found in 1% of the population in the states. So, I can't go buy it, rent it, or find it on the blood banks shelves. Now, this morning, I woke up feeling great. My tiny little cat climbed up on me, walking on me, and usually, I would have to scoot him along, because it would hurt, but, not this morning. The red wine does something in the marrow that allows them to get bigger, and so, I am able to breathe easier this morning as well. I am sorry if I bugged anyone last night on this, lol, I truly am, but, life sucks sometimes, and we deal the best we can. The wine is good for the marrow, but, is hard on the soul with my husband and the holidays. I can hear him laughing at my folly.

    P.s. And, no, not at Target, lol.
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