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Thread: 6 AWG to 100 amp subpanel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jadnashua View Post
    One way to think about this is the wall switch, rated at 15A that is controlling a 100W light bulb...works fine, lasts a long time, perfectly safe.
    Fine, but would you feed this single 15 amp breaker with a 100 amp main, with the "real" 20 amp breaker perhaps 500' away in a basement?

    I see some homeowner in the future deciding the 100 amp main is shot because his outlet is dead, and changing that before he finds the real infeed device. Simply an illogical and perhaps unsafe situation for what he might think he can add to that panel.

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    As long as the wire is protected, it is safe...you're totally wrong on that. Now, convenience may be another matter. A black marker writing the main panel breaker number and it's amperage for the subpanel would be a simple way to indicate what the main supply to it is.
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    I think that the page may have turned, and everyone is not on the same page.

    Be careful Playing with electricity.

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