Is anyone familiar with the MirolinTucson tub? Reason I'm asking is almost 2 yrs my husband installed the Eleganza tub surround purchased at Lowes. This spring we noticed it was cracking; reason being the "foundation" so to speak that was supporting it was made of a styrofoam that wasn't strong enough to withstand the tub. After much conversation with Mirolin, they sent us a replacement tub & surround with the new & supposedly improved base. We had put mosaic tile from the surround to our ceiling & along the sides to the floor running along the skirt as well. Those costs to pull out & redo once the replacement tub was installed all had to be eaten by us. Mirolin didn't even want to pick up the defective tub for disposal but I did manage to finally get them to do that. Now, 5 1/2 mths later, the replacement tub is showing 3 lines running from the top/ drain area and down. So far, it doesn't feel like a crack but something is definitely happening. We contacted Mirolin again this week. They told us to go to their website to look for a replacement. Interestingly enough- not only do they not have the Eleganza unit on their site any longer but the person we spoke to said that this was NOT an acrylic tub but some high density plastic or something. He also asked if we had used mortar which we had not as we followed their install instructions to the letter and it doesn't say to do so. All of the packaging etc says this tub/surround was acrylic yet here's their employee saying not so. After we looked on their website, we thought we should double check on exactly which we could get. They sent us a link for a Tuscon, which appears to be a lower grade tub not to mention it's not showing a surround. We're not familiar with this nor are we sure that we really want this particular tub. Anyone have some thoughts or feedback on this!??