I should have grabbed a pic...

Should I cut the drywall short and high underneath a stair landing.
You would not ever see that it's 8" open as the stair landing would cover it.

I had water from Irene which I thought I was ontop on.
Had both sump and utility pumps working.
Long story short, water kinda *hung* out underneath the stairs/stair landing and weeks later I noticed the mold and such.....

Fast forward. Check valve on the main sewer. Should prevent/mitigate the backup - fingers crossed.
New stairs are coming in tomorrow.

Last night, I went ahead and demoed the landing AND the stringer closest to the wall adjacent to the stairs.
Prior to this, at least a good 2 months prior, it was sprayed down with Mold Spray.
IN DOING THIS, I finally got to get rid of the sheetrock that was wedged in between that stringer and the wall.
That sheetrock that was still moldy...
BTW, Hilti and Bosch Demo blades are a beast compared to the Milwaukee Axe.

So with that said, I'm going to hang some rock before the stair guys arrive.
Whaddya say. Leave it short on the area not exposed to the eye.
I can't think of a reason to NOT do it this way,
Granted, I have never hung rock and let it be open like this.....but this was a unusual circumstance, and I know this might also prevent wicking should it ever happen again....