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Thread: outside odor smells like septic tank

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    Default outside odor smells like septic tank

    i have an up hill septic tank(s) 1 holding tank 1000 gls and 1 septic tank 1000 gls when someone takes a shower or flushes toilet we have a bad smell at the back of the house i thnk it is coming from vent pipes on top of house but have never been there at that point to smell it wondering if any way to stop the smell ??

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    All sewer (methane) gas from septic or sewer systems vents through the roof.
    Higher hills, trees, buildings, etc. around your home, and/or the prevailing breezes, can cause an inversion from time to time that keeps the sewer gas down where it can be smelled instead of "blown away".
    One solution might be a higher vent pipe(s). Two feet higher might make the difference in your particular case. You'll just have to experiment.
    If your vents are plastic (black ABS or white PVC), it will be very easy to glue on a collar and extension pipe.
    Try that.
    Good luck!

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    tried that but looked bad sticking up that high what about those studer vents people talk about would that work also? i have 3 pipes dont know which one or could be all of them.

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    Studor vents let air IN, and you need the vents to let gas OUT.
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    Default smell

    Just try extending the vent pipes, then you will know.


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