Aloha everyone, my water heater has been having trouble off and on firing the main burner. Wife is going to get rid of me if I do not fix it. I called the tech at Bosch, they no longer make it or service it, was connected to someone else.... long story short, they had me test the generator and I was not getting voltage from it, or my primitive meter was not picking it up. Probably that.
The iniginition spark sometimes happens and sometimes not, but when I assist with a BBQ lighter, the main burner still won't engage. The tech said it was the generator, a local service guy who did not want to come to the site said " it could be anything" but feels it probably is the control. Where can I source Orkli controls? PArt number 8 707 207 144.
Any leads from the Pro's?
Mahalo nui,
Correy on da BIG.