I've got a project converting a garage into a studio apartment. When the design was originally done we were going to use radiant heat so the architect never spec'd out a place for a hot water tank. That has now changed and we need to find a place for it. Right now the plan is to put it under the kitchen countertop. It's an outside corner next to an exterior wall so it won't be competing visually with other cabinets. Here are the tanks we're considering:

AO Smith ECL-50
Whirlpool E2F50LD045V
American E62-50L-045DV
Reliance 6 50 DOLS

The American has the best specs at 31 5/8" tall by 24" in diameter. I'm concerned that there won't be enough room to make the connections to the supply lines. I'm assuming the dimensions are just for the tank and not the supply stubs.

Anyone ever install one like this before?