A few years back I pulled up the old well point because it was plugged. I also had a lot of iron in the water. Turned the grass orange....lol. The well was around 25 foot. I went down 80 foot and hit a good flow of water but I still had huge amounts of iron. I was going to buy a iron filter system but just let it alone. This year da wife has been on me about the yard so I decided to move the well to the back yard. 200 foot from that point.Wash 3/4 down to 40 foot and hit water 4 or 5 times. Didn't do a sample test yet but I noticed after ten feet of so it would drop 6 inches or so fast and then stop. I felt I was in swamp land.My neighbor across the street is down 13 foot. He has zero iron in his water. Washs his car,side of house,grass side walk and there is no sign of iron what so ever. Tommorrow I have some techs coming over to play well digger with me.The bad thing about getting a bunch of HVAC techs together is all of us want to do it our way. Yea we is all hard headed..lol. Any how can my neighbor have great water and mine is doo doo? Neighbor is about 100 yards from my well.